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Coats & Jackets by Season

Coats & Jackets by Season

Think coat season is only in winter? Think again! Although this is when temperatures tend to be at their lowest and the weather starts to make us wrap up warmer, keeping the wind and rain out, it’s not the only season when we might need to don a jacket.

Below, we’ve given you a comprehensive guide on what to wear and which season to wear it when it comes to jackets and coats.

What jackets to wear in spring

If you’re a Mean Girls fan like we are, you’ll know that during April, you only need a light jacket - and this can be said for the whole of spring.

Without harsh temperatures (in both directions), spring really is the perfect season. Layering isn’t always necessary, but you can take advantage of being able to wear a different style of coat or jacket. Think cropped blazers, or leather or denim jackets; perfect for making an outfit pop, but not heavy enough to weigh you down and make you sweat.

If you’re heading out to a barbeque or date, a lightweight jacket, like a bomber jacket, can be the perfect accompaniment. Wear on your shoulders, with the arms tied in front, so you don’t overheat. This is stylish and on-trend, as well as a great piece to take you into the summer - and beyond.

Longer-length jackets, such as trench coats, are great for spring too. They protect your outfit from any April showers, but also provide a new silhouette that you might not get from a shorter jacket. Team with an oversized hoody, matching sweatpants, and dad trainers, and you’ll have the celeb go-to outfit of the season down to a T.

Sporty jackets can work well in spring too - and not just for exercising. Tone down a preppy look with a running jacket. They’re easy to throw on and don’t take up too much room either. And don’t forget about the classic denim jacket either. If the evenings start to get a little chillier, throw on a sweatshirt underneath for a whole new look.

What jackets to wear in summer

Summer weather in the UK can often be unpredictable, which means we always need to be prepared with the right type of jacket. Having something you can chuck over your shoulders at a garden party or night out is essential for ensuring your feel comfortable and stylish.

Our main two jacket options for summer are definitely denim jackets and varsity style jackets. These are ultra versatile and keep you looking cool, without overheating.

If you’re not feeling something as heavy as a denim or bomber jacket, an oversized shirt works just as well. Whether you go short-sleeved or long, this is a great way to keep yourself covered and stay looking fresh.

What coats to wear in autumn

Similar to spring, autumn comes with a variety of different weather types. As we come out of the warmer months, transition easier by adding layers to your summer outfits, rather than moving straight into your winter wardrobe.

An overshirt can work well for this, as well as lighter jackets, such as denim or varsity style. This allows you to add hoodies, sweatshirts, and jumpers underneath, and remove layers as necessary if the temperature doesn’t change too drastically.

Leather jackets are a fantastic option for autumn too. They allow you to transition nicely, but still maintain a high-end look. Team with scarves and gloves as the colder weather sets in and you’ll have a winter look to envy.

What coats to wear in winter

Winter is your season to go all out when it comes to coats and jackets. This is the time of year when they’re actually required for practical reasons (and not just to keep you looking good). This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style though, in fact, you can embrace it even further and add statement pieces to your wardrobe.

Shearling is a huge trend for this season, not only for the warmth it provides, but also for its versatility. Often used as lining for leather, denim, and bomber jackets, shearling is soft and comfortable, but can also be used as a standalone material too.

Its neutral colour means you can team it with brighter layers, such as beanies, hoodies, and cargo pants. For complete winter outfit inspo, add leather pants, chunky boots, and a cut-out crop top. The perfect amount of style, impact, and practicality.

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