What to pack for Christmas - a student checklist

What to pack for Christmas - a student checklist

Student life can be amazing. But, let’s face it, it also comes with its own challenges, one of those being having to pack up your belongings when it comes to half-term breaks. Christmas is no exception. You might only be going home for a few weeks, but knowing what to take with you can be tricky.

Below, we’ve created a handy student checklist on what to pack for Christmas, from clothing to studying to all the essentials in between. Remember, the less you take with you, the more presents and toilet rolls you can bring back (and home always has the triple quilted good stuff).

1. Create a winter capsule wardrobe

This isn’t just important for when you go home at Christmas, but also for sticking to a budget at uni and looking good whilst you’re doing it. A winter capsule wardrobe should consist of:

You can use this clothing list as what to pack for when you go home at Christmas too. Oh, and don’t forget socks and underwear. No one wants to go commando on Christmas day.

Loungewear is another important point. You’ll want to take some time to relax and chill out over Christmas, as well as have something comfortable to study in. Pack some comfy, but stylish loungewear, so you feel at ease at home.

2. Don’t forget the presents

Look, we’re not ones to judge, but you can’t return home empty-handed. If you have budget restraints when it comes to purchasing Christmas presents, check out our handy gift guide for ideas under £20.

Although you might think your presence is enough, a simple gesture can go a long way. You might offer to pay for the turkey or bring a bottle of wine or two. Perhaps you could try your hand at baking some mince pies.

3. Headphones and entertainment

Whether you’re travelling back by train or hitching a lift from a mate, bring some entertainment with you. Headphones, games consoles, laptops etc. The journey back could be the ideal time to get some assignments or revision started.

These items can be handy to have at home too. The Christmas period is notorious for being overwhelming and whilst it’s lovely to see friends and family again, having something you can escape into is essential.

4. House keys and wallet

Yes, we know we sound like your parents, but sometimes in the run-up to the Christmas break, things can get a little busy. Make sure you pack the essentials like your ID, your uni house keys, and your wallet or purse. If you’re planning on meeting up with friends when you get home, it’ll be a bit of a kick in the teeth if you can’t get in anywhere because you still look like a baby face.

5. A going-out outfit

Make sure you can celebrate the season in style. Pack at least one going-out outfit, but don’t overpack on options. Consider how many times you might be heading out when you return home and what kind of dress code you might need to pack for. It’s important to look and feel your best - as well as get into the festive spirit.

6. University work

Arghhhh! We know, we know, we can practically hear you groaning as we type this. But whilst you’re back home, use your time wisely. It’s unlikely you’ll be doing something every single day of the holidays and when you return to uni, those assignments and exams can quickly pile up. 

Don’t overpack your books, but ensure you have something meaty to get your teeth into. Don’t let it dampen the Christmas mood, but also give yourself some breathing space when you return to uni. Thank us later.

7. Christmas spirit

Hey, it’s Christmas - we’re allowed to be a little corny. Going home for Christmas might be an exciting time for you, but equally it can feel overwhelming and a little too much. Try to head into the season with a positive mindset and bring as much Christmas spirit as you can muster.

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