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Ultimate Guide to Winter Fashion

Ultimate Guide to Winter Fashion

Making that transition from warmer weather to freezing temperatures can be tricky, especially when it comes to your wardrobe. We know looking good is essential, but so is keeping warm. And with the UK weather, it can often be unpredictable, so knowing what footwear or jacket to put on is an art in itself.

Your summer wardrobe might not always transition easily into the winter months either. Those matching short co-ords or vest tops can leave you feeling a little chilly - and goosebumps aren’t always the best winter weather accessory.

After such a hot summer, it’s time to keep it cool with the ultimate guide to winter fashion from The Couture Club.

Oversized is in

One trend that does transition easily from summer to winter is oversized. Keeping you cool in heat waves, oversized t-shirts give you room to breathe. When the temperature drops, relaxed-fit sweaters and jackets keep you warm and cosy, as well as help you layer up.

Cargos for days

Perfect with a crop top in winter, cargo pants can easily transition into the colder months, by adding a relaxed-fit sweatshirt, or oversized jacket. Cargo trousers have been a real staple of 2022

Stay stylish with varsity jackets

We love a spring / summer trend that picks up momentum into winter. Varsity and bomber style jackets are a key piece for your wardrobe for winter 2022 - and beyond. Easy to dress up and down, the varsity jacket can take you from workout session to night out - and everything in between. They’re perfect for teaming with an oversized hoody and comfy cargos, especially if you’re looking to hit all those key trends this season.

Layering is key

Your granny said it first: make sure you wear layers. Layering is a key trend for winter outfits 2022. From a practical side of things, it keeps you warm and snug, and from a fashion-forward angle, you’re hitting all the marks. Jackets over hoodies, socks over leggings, oversized Ts over cycle shorts - the possibilities are endless.


Winter weather can be a little dreary, especially in the UK. A great way to overcome this bleakness is to colour block your clothes. Bright greens and pinks are huge colours this season, but if you’re not used to experimenting with colour, neutral blocking is still a big trend for the backend of 2022. Think matching sweat pants and jumpers, or leggings and crop tops.

Cut-out tops

Controversial for winter, but cut-out tops are in (not to mention cut-out CROP tops too). This is ideal if you’re looking to dress up a certain look (think cargo pants and a pair of heels) and still look chic. This look can be easily layered with an oversized blazer or varsity jacket to keep you warm (but look cool). Winter clothes do need to be practical, but that doesn’t mean they can’t match your impeccable style.


We couldn’t create the ultimate guide to winter fashion without mentioning a trend that’s sweeping runways - Barbiecore. Think neon pink - and that’s literally it. Crop tops, oversized Ts, cycling shorts, tracksuits - you name it, Barbiecore has infiltrated it. We’re not too sure how long this trend will last, but we do know it’s here to stay for the winter.


Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas, and New Year mean parties and events, but often these can be held outside in Baltic temperatures. Your little black dress might not make the cut, especially if tights aren’t really your bag. Leather pants are back in a big way for winter 2022, teamed perfectly with chunky boots or trainers, as well as sky-high heels to really elevate your look.

Winter is looking pretty hot by our standards - make sure you have a wardrobe to match. Take a look at all of our collections to see what pieces will be making the cut this season.

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