What to wear for a warm winter getaway

What to wear for a warm winter getaway

When it comes to fashion, autumn and winter tend to be BIG seasons. With a lot more garments to showcase and a multitude of styles to choose from, catwalks always have something exciting to offer. But how exactly do you translate these trends into everyday, winter wear?

Start with an event and go from there. If you’re planning a winter getaway this year (we’re thinking New York at Christmas, Belgium festive markets, or even just a weekend away in the UK) then we’ve got you covered with the latest trends and winter warmers.

Layers upon layers

Nothing says ‘cosy’ like layering up. Building an outfit up from your base layers to heavy, winter coats ensures you stay warm, whilst giving you the option to remove layers as and when you need to. We’ve all been there when you walk into a restaurant or store and suddenly your t-shirt, hoody, puffer jacket, and scarf combo all feels a bit too much (and a little sweaty).

Layering doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Although you’re layering for warmth, style can still be at the forefront of your mind. Choosing plain, simple base layers will allow you to express your personality and style through knitwear and jackets.

Men’s winter outfits in particular can feel, well, a little boring at times. Layering can help keep things simple underneath, but don’t be afraid to experiment with brighter colours and different textures for your outerwear. This green faux fur oversized hooded jacket from The Couture Club is ideal for warmth and layering, as well as showcasing that all-important style.

When packing for your winter getaway, think about layering before you travel. You can potentially pack more clothes and essentials by wearing more layers on the plane. Keeping you cosy and practical, that’s what we like to see.

Knitted hoodies

A new trend emerging this season is the knitted hoody. This is essential packing for a winter getaway as it’s a great piece to layer up with, as well as working independently. Neutral tones allow you to pair this with any other pieces in your wardrobe, so it’s a great capsule item to add to your collection.

If a hoody isn’t your thing, then classic knitted jumpers are another ideal layer for your winter getaway. Less bulky than a hoody, it means you can wear additional layers on top that come with their own hoods, such as puffer jackets. Relaxed and oversized knitwear can be paired with leggings for a more practical look, or worn on its own with a pair of chunky combat boots for something more dressy.

Oversized faux fur jackets

Nothing says winter quite like a faux fur jacket. Teddy bear style coats are still a key trend for AW22, but a more classic faux fur is also making a comeback. Deep pockets, high necks, and cosy interiors make this signature aviator jacket from The Couture Club essential packing for a winter weekend away. Easily dressed up or down, it’s a unique, but practical winter coat.

Puffer jackets

Puffer jackets are a winter staple for all genders. From keeping you warm and dry to keeping your style on point, they’re ideal to keep in your winter wardrobe and pack for a winter getaway.

However, let’s not beat around the bush; they can be slightly cumbersome to carry, especially if you’ve followed our layering techniques from earlier. They’re also not the easiest to pack in a suitcase. Our high-shine puffer, available in blue or green, also comes with interior straps, just like a rucksack. This means you can easily carry your jacket on your back when you start to feel the heat. This is perfect for airports (and can double up as a neck cushion).

Varsity style jumpers

Varsity style has been a big hit in 2022 and that’s no different for AW either. Stepping away from jackets this time, varsity-style jumpers are set to make a big impact this season, particularly with men’s winter outfits. Adding a touch more personality than plain sweatshirts, the varsity style is ideal if you’re looking to layer up and stay warm.

Adding touches of colour to your wardrobe, it helps shake up what can often be a boring time of year for men’s fashion.

If you’re looking for more winter getaway inspiration, take a look at our AW22 collections here.


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