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How To Wear A Varsity Jacket

How To Wear A Varsity Jacket

Varsity style jackets, or letterman jackets, have been a wardrobe staple for an array of celebrities over the years - but we’re seeing a huge rise in popularity in this style, from catwalks to streetwear.

Letterman style jackets are a big hit with our customers too, offering the perfect solution to that age-old question: is it too warm for a jacket? And if it is, simply throw this over your shoulders to really emulate the varsity look.

Taking you from spring to summer, the varsity style provides something different to a denim jacket, and just enough to keep your cool.

What exactly is ‘varsity style’?

Think sports - American football, baseball, basketball, rowing - the list goes on. With a rise in nineties fashion, it’s no wonder why varsity style has suddenly re-emerged (although this style has been popular since the 1950s too). We love nostalgia and the lettermen jacket does just that, bringing back memories of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and Diana, Princess of Wales, as well as all our favourite films (remember Beverly Hills Cop, Grease, and Clueless?).

You often find a letter emblazoned on a varsity style jacket, usually the initial of the school you’re attending (or in our case, The Couture Club). Varsity jackets used to be bulky, heavy, and outward symbols of being a ‘jock’ - but the 2020s have seen a rejuvenation of the style, with more structure, less weight, and better colour palette.

Other wardrobe essentials when it comes to varsity style outfits include jogger shorts, cycling shorts, and cargo pants - ideal if you’re looking to make a statement, but not too much of an effort.

Who’s wearing the varsity jacket style?

Gigi Hadid, Tyler the Creator, Kevin Hart, Post Malone, Drake, Chanel Iman, Taylor Swift, and Rhianna have all slipped into something a little more comfortable when it comes to the varsity style - both on and off the red carpet.

Easily styled up or down, the varsity jacket isn’t just staying on the playing field any more, but is seen being paired with evening dresses, shirts, and even in replacement of tuxedos.

Celebs seem to be choosing the varsity style more and more in 2022 - and beyond. It’s set to be a trend built to last, with both new and vintage styles vying for attention.

Varsity Jacket Outfit Ideas

There’s nothing we love more than a crisp white T, cargo pants (another key trend this season), and pop of colour from a varsity style jacket. And if you’re not feeling cargo pants, ripped jeans provide a contrast to the preppy look.

With varsity comes versatility. Tone down an evening dress with a bulkier baseball jacket, or elevate an everyday look by complementing a hoodie with contrasting coloured varsity style.

Not into colour? Monochrome is always in style. A simple black and white varsity jacket can be the perfect addition to finish off an otherwise plain look, especially teamed with baseball cap and sunglasses.

Our top picks for a varsity jacket outfit include:

  • Bright varsity jacket, cropped T or vest top, with high waisted jeans, chunky trainers, and small sunnies
  • Dark varsity jacket, crisp, oversized white T, with black or grey cargo trousers, and white trainers
  • Matching varsity jacket and baggy shorts, in a bright colour, with contrasting sunglasses

However you choose to style your varsity jacket, it’s a piece that won’t go out of fashion, re-emerging every few years to remind us why we love them so much. Keep the focus on blocks of colour or monochrome, and you won’t go wrong.

Make sure to check out our varsity edit for more inspiration on your next outfit.
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