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Summer Outfit Ideas By Location

Summer Outfit Ideas By Location

There’s nothing more exciting than planning for a summer getaway - and the best part of it all? Choosing those all-important outfits. When it comes to packing your suitcase however, you need key pieces that can take you from plane, to beach, and back to cocktails at sunset (all within that 22kg limit). Not heading abroad this year? We’ve got you covered with festival outfits too. It’s not all wellies and denim shorts.

Below, we’ve listed some of our favourite locations for the perfect summer break, with inspiration and tips on how to pull together the best summer outfits. And the perfect accompaniment to any sizzling look? Sun screen of course 😎

Ibiza Outfits Inspo

If you’re heading out to Ibiza for your summer break, it’s time to make the most of those beautiful sunsets and sunrises (if you manage to wake up in time…). We know Ibiza is famous (or infamous even) for its nightlife and club scene, so make sure you pack oversized t-shirts and sheer mini dresses to keep you cool - and on trend. These styles are huge this season, and with less fabric to pack, you can take a few more options.

Let’s not forget the most important part of any Ibiza getaway: The Bikini. No summer holiday is complete without one, especially if you’re heading to the Balearic Islands. Matching sets are in - and bums are out. Team with chunky gold accessories and headscarf for a seamless day look - and transition to night by pairing with jogger shorts and a checked shirt.

Jogger shorts and matching sweatshirt is the ideal outfit for your flight too. Keep it simple with a pair of dad-style trainers, slicked back pony, and baseball cap. Cycle shorts are also a big trend again this season, teamed with over sized t-shirts or crop tops, transitioning you from the UK to Ushuaïa.

Best Marbella Outfits

Ideal for nightlife, pool days, sunsets, long walks on the beach, and the all-important boat parties, Marbella is an essential summer holiday destination. It’s obvious why you’re going - but with so much to do and see, planning your outfits can be a task and a half.

However you choose to spend your time in this beautiful city, you need outfit options, including the perfect plane fit, beachwear attire, and something to keep you dancing all night long. Marbella is famous for its white parties, so be prepared. Co-ords, mini skirts, and sheer dresses are the ideal accompaniment to a white bikini, easily taking you from day to night. And with so much to do, the less you have to think about what you’re doing it in, the better.

For boat parties, keep it casual. A sporty-style bikini and cycle shorts, with a checked shirt tied round the waist gives you that coverage you might crave during the day, but allows you to let loose during the evening.

Santorini Outfits Inspiration

Santorini is known for sophistication. This beautiful island is filled to the brim with culture and activities, from snorkelling to sightseeing. But don’t let the classy exterior fool you. Santorini is a hub of nightlife and boat parties, offering a little something for everyone. 

This gives you the opportunity to pack options upon options - and mix and match. We’re thinking co-ords, multiple bikinis, and plenty of activewear, so you can explore the island in style (and comfort).

Keep it simple and stylish in the evenings with a cropped vest top, cycle shorts, and oversized blazer. Teamed with a pair of heels, this is the perfect outfit for any Santorini evening, keeping you on trend, but not catching a chill when the nights close in.

Top Mykonos Outfits

Another beautiful Greek location, Mykonos is an extremely popular choice for those of us from the UK. We crave sun, sea, and sand - and Mykonos gives us what we want. Take advantage of this picture-perfect island with the ideal Mykonos outfits - from co-ords to sheer dresses, there’s not a lot you can go wrong with.

Boat parties are a huge hit for Mykonos holiday-makers. Think clear blue seas and boat-loads of party animals (literally), this is the best opportunity to wear something to impress. Sheer dresses can be the ideal cover-up for bikinis, as well as taking you from day to night. Don’t forget headscarves and sunglasses to keep you shielded from the sun - but still keep you looking stunning.

Mykonos is famous for its plethora of white buildings - match with your surroundings and keep your colour palette light. Not only will this look sophisticated and in style, it’ll also keep you cool.

Festival Outfits Tips

Festival season is one of our favourite times of the year. It’s a chance to experiment with your wardrobe and express yourself through fashion. But it’s not all sequins and tassels. Your festival experience can be whatever you make it - and we’ve got some alternative options to keep you covered.

Jogger or cycle shorts and an oversized t-shirt, along with some chunky trainers is, in our eyes, the perfect festival style. It’s simple, stylish, and functional, keeping you comfortable whilst jamming to your favourite bands. Team with a bum bag and baseball cap, as well as chain and lock, and you’ll have completely elevated your look with accessories.

Don’t think you have to stick with wellies either. Combat or military style boots and just as practical - and keep your look that certain edge.

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