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What To Wear When Travelling: Airport Outfits To Help You Travel In Style

When it comes to what to wear when travelling, there’s a lot to consider. You want a comfortable airport outfit that’s still suitable when you arrive at your destination, and you want something that’s going to keep you comfortable during the plane ride - the struggle on cold planes is real! Whilst comfort is key when it comes to travel outfits, you still deserve to look and feel good too!

In this blog, we’ve got some top tips regarding what to wear when travelling. We’ll then take you through some of the hottest picks in our collection of airport outfits, so you can get sorted with airport fashion that’s perfect for the journey too. With airport clothes from The Couture Club, you can combine comfort with style for the ultimate travel outfit this season! 

What To Wear When Travelling

Here are just some of the key points to consider when you’re piecing together the perfect airport outfit...

A relaxed tee is a must

When it comes to feeling comfortable and relaxed, a loose t-shirt can do just the trick! Depending on your destination, there’s a good chance that you’ll be spending a lot of time in the airport and on the plane, so you want to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

A versatile staple piece like an oversized t-shirt can form a key part of your outfits once you reach your destination too. When you’re planning your outfits for going away, taking a few staple pieces with you that you can mix and match is always a good idea. This can keep the weight of your luggage to a minimum, whilst still providing you with several outfit choices. 

Comfortable bottoms are essential

When thinking about airport outfit ideas, one of your most important considerations is what bottoms to wear. Planes can sometimes be cramped and uncomfortable - there’s nothing worse than a tight pair of pants that feel stiff whilst you’re sat for long periods of time. You should opt for bottoms that are stretchy and allow you to remain flexible - it’s probably best to avoid jeans if comfort is your priority! For women, leggings are always a popular choice for comfy airport outfits and travelling. They’re stretchy and full-length, keeping your legs warm even when the plane gets cool!

comfortable bottoms are a must

Wear comfortable shoes

The right pair of shoes is essential for travelling. You want a pair that are suitable for walking, that will remain comfortable as your feet swell during long flights, and that will keep your feet warm as the plane gets cold. That’s why trainers are such a solid choice. We’ve got so many options in our footwear collection to complement your airport attire.

Better still, with a versatile pair of trainers, you can wear them again and again when you reach your destination. Shoes can take up a lot of luggage room, so travelling in a pair of versatile shoes that you can use at the other side will keep your luggage weight to a minimum. You should also select shoes that are easy to remove when you’re going through airport security - no one wants to be that person that’s holding up the queue!

Layers, layers, layers!

Master the art of travel layering this season to ensure you stay comfortable on your next trip. Air travel usually involves different micro-climates, like the air-conditioned cabin to sunnier climates once you land at your destination. Using layers means that you can adjust as you go, based on your temperature. Of course, the more you layer up, the less you have to pack too! It’s always best to wear layers that are easy to remove, such as jackets, like a simple bomber jacket or denim jacket, and hoodies.

layers for airport travel
Airport Outfits, The Couture Club Way

Check out our top picks for jetting off in style this season…

For Men

Stitch Detail Relaxed Fit T-Shirt & Stitch Detail Slim Fit Jogger

This loose fit t-shirt and slim fit joggers are the ultimate comfortable combination. They can be bought as individual pieces or as a set. Either way, they’ll ensure you’re comfortable whilst travelling, but still sporting this season’s latest trends, thanks to the embroidered logo detail and a contrasting overlock stitch design.


Essentials Oversized Fit Washed Hoodie & Essentials Relaxed Fit Washed Jogger

This simple yet effective set of essentials, made up of our washed hoodie and matching joggers, is perfect for travelling. The set is extremely versatile, meaning you can style it however you like. For the perfect airport outfit, we love it styled with trainers and with accessories kept to a minimum, to let these pieces do the talking.  

For Women

Oversized Tee & Cycling Shorts

Styling an oversized tee and cycling short is a sure way to travel in comfortable style. There’s nothing quite like a good airport outfit to get you in the holiday mood, and our co-ord's will have you making a strong style statement on your next flight!

A Cropped Hoodie & A Pair Of Oversized Joggers

If you want something that’s simple but effective for your next trip, you can’t go wrong with a cropped hoodie and a matching pair of oversized joggers for a comfortable fit that’s perfect for your next flight. We love this styled with trainers for the ultimate airport outfit. 

airport outfits for women

Ribbed Twinset Top & Ribbed Cycling Short

Get in the mood for sunnier, bright days with one of our twinsets. Not only is this set perfect for the airport, but it’s also a great twinset to wear once you reach your destination - style it with trainers for travelling, and then switch to heels to dress it up at the other side! 

Essentials Hoodie & Essentials  Joggers

That not-so-basic, basic look is a timeless trend that’s perfect for the airport and your next getaway! Our essentials range has hoodies with matching joggers that put this trend into practice, providing you with a cool, stylish set that’s not only perfect for chilling at the airport, but for when you reach your destination too. 

Rugby Shirt With Cycling Short

If you love a tee and cycling shorts combo, then check out our selection of shirts and cycling shorts to switch up your look this season. These pieces can be styled with your other wardrobe pieces, but we love them worn as a set with trainers if you’re heading to the airport!

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