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What To Do This Weekend Whilst Staying In

What To Do This Weekend Whilst Staying In

Staying in, is the new going out... whether we like it or not.

In the age of zero social interaction, we're all desperately looking for new ways to fill our spare time. Whether this is an at-home-work-out, cooking your own restaurant-quality pasta dish or refreshing your home, there are plenty of ways to get creative! Consider this your official STAYING IN guide...

(We also thought it would be nice to support those smaller businesses during these difficult times - so please go and check them out!)

Work out With - @HelenaDowling

Thanks to the power of Instagram, it's now easier than ever to stream live home work-outs from the comfort of your own home. Helena Dowling, a PT at Blok London is one of our faves and will be hosting a variety of work-outs on her and our Instagram channels - stay tuned!

Make Restaurant-like Pasta - @Salvismcr

Perhaps the one thing we are all missing most...wining and dining out! However self-isolation doesn't have mean back-to-back beans on toast. Salvis is a family-run Neapolitan restaurant and deli in Manchester and is offering home delivery pasta kits for £35! *licks lips*

Listen To This - @TheReceipts & My Dad Wrote A Porno

Getting bored of the voice inside your head? Us too. That's why we're tuning into some lighthearted but yet highly amusing podcasts. We recommend The Receipts and My Dad Wrote a Porno...

Learn How To Crochet - @WoolAndTheGang

Fancy using this time to take up a new skill? Why not learn to crochet with Wool And The Gang... Choose your project and your wool and they will send you the instructions on how to make it! From cute crop tops to mandala rugs this will be your new obsession.

Pamper Yourself - @BelieveInBubu 

We highly recommend to use this downtime for some self-lovin'. Whether that's reading a good book, lighting your favourite candle or running a bubble bath - it's so important to take care of yourself. We adore these sheet masks from Bubu Skincare! Pop one of these on whilst listening The Receipts and have yourself a relaxing evening in.

Re-fresh Your Interiors - LoftNQ

Getting bored of your old furnishings or looking for new ways to re-fresh your interiors? This is the perfect time to do so! We recommend following Jes Rose - she is an interiors influencer and runs her own vinyl service which provides printed and patterned vinyls to change the look of an old piece of furniture or area in your home.

Enjoy Your Favourite Tipple - The Cocktail Man & Beer 52

We all like to enjoy our favourite tipple at the end of the week, and just because you can't head to your local doesn't mean you have to suffer. Subscription boxes such as The Cocktail Man and Beer 52 are here to save us! The Cocktail Man will send you all the kit to create your favourite cocktails from home whilst Beer 52 will simply deliver unique craft beer to your very doorstop. Amen.

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