The Couture Clubs New Bee T-shirt Range

As you may know, The Couture Club is proud to be a brand which originates from the wonderful city of Manchester.
The fateful event which occurred a few weeks ago in Manchester at the Ariana Grande concert taking the lives of 22 innocent people, and injuring much more, had a huge effect on people across the world.
It has been amazing to witness the support and togetherness of the people from this great city. To support the We Love Manchester campaign, which has been set up to support the families affect by the tragic event, The Couture Club is set to release a limited edition MCR Bee t-shirt where all proceeds from the sales will be going to the We Love Manchester campaign.
Why is the Bee so Symbolic?
For those who live in Manchester, you may have seen the bee on several buildings and bins around the city –  but why has the bee become so symbolic to Manchester? The symbolism of the Manchester Bee dates to the industrial revolution which took place in the 18th century. Around that time, Manchester had numerous textile mills which were often described as being ‘hives of activity’ and the workers were given the nickname ‘busy bees’. These then became iconic for the hardworking nature of the city and the people who were the foundation of what Manchester has become.
We Love Manchester Fund
The We Love Manchester emergency fund was launched by the Manchester Council and British Red Cross to support all the people who were affected by the attack in Manchester. The biggest fundraising effort for the charity was the One Love concert which took place on the 4th of June where Ariana Grande performed along with Noel Gallagher, Justin Bieber and many more musicians.
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