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SS23 / Club De Couture

SS23 / Club De Couture


The new season journey of Brand Strategy, Renewed Design, and Creative Vision.


Allow us to share with you an exclusive glimpse into the inspiration and vision behind our latest campaign for the Spring/Summer 2023 season, titled 'Club De Couture.'

Several months of dedication, creativity, research, and strategic thinking, has resulted to our SS23 campaign, whilst we simultaneously renew our whole brand strategy. From design to creative aesthetic, we have been developing our brand identity to achieve a more elevated position in the fashion world.

While statement streetwear was once dominant, the rise of luxury streetwear has created a market that now seeks more than just hype trends and prioritises the values of quality and innovative design. In response to this new shift, our designers have curated a range of meticulously designed garments that represent a more holistic approach to style. Our much-considered SS23 collection has been refreshed with a focus on interchangeable pieces, and our newly sourced premium fabrications emphasise conscious design choices, ensuring a more durable wear that luxury streetwear tends to offer. The collection fuses comfort and couture fashion by featuring clean lines, refined silhouettes, and an extensive neutral colour palette that provides timeless versatility for your wardrobe, suitable for any occasion - a step away from our past vibrant pieces featured in previous summer ranges.



As we move forward to the next stages of the campaign, our aim was to embody a cohesive brand identity that seamlessly integrates our design vision with our creative direction. To continue our refined aesthetic, 'Club De Couture' Drop 1 is centred around a lunar-like landscape, where time stands still for our SS23 campaign. We felt that the almost otherworldly setting of SARAKINIKO BEACH in Milos, Greece, reflects the new direction of our brand. The dramatic and solitudinous surroundings create a striking, minimalist approach to the art direction, which exudes a sense of understated luxury, allowing our products to take centre stage and speak for themselves without any distractions. The organic, bone-white tones harmonized effortlessly with the simplistic hues of the collection, while our lightweight fabrications effortlessly tied in with the scenic softness and textures of the rocks.

With Drop 2 of our SS23, we shifted our creative attention to the brand's lifestyle. Taking cues from architecture, which has always served as an evergreen source of inspiration for Couture Club's campaigns, we chose a villa with a minimalist interior design, enhanced by natural raw materials throughout, and with its clean lines and timeless yet trending aesthetic, it served as the perfect canvas for the last drop of the collection. While retaining the functionality of Drop 1, Drop 2 features a range of styles that offer greater versatility, seamlessly transitioning from day to night, with heavier fabrics and slightly more structured silhouettes, all while staying true to our core SS23 muted colour palette.



Through this campaign, our goal was to inspire and empower our customers, to embrace your individuality and style with confidence, knowing that our products are designed with an unwavering focus on quality and attention to detail. We hope that you enjoy both wearing and witnessing the final result of our creation as much as we enjoyed bringing it to life for you. Thank you for choosing us and letting us be a part of your style journey; we look forward to continuing this journey with you and creating more unforgettable fashion experiences together. 

Here's to the Summer of 2023...

Love, Ross, Scott, and The Couture Club Team

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