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How to Style a Hoodie

How to Style a Hoodie



No longer left to the gym floor or for jogging, hoodies are a staple piece of any wardrobe - regardless of age group, gender, and style. Why? This simple item has proven time and time again that its versatility knows no bounds. And we love that for hoodies (and for ourselves).

Style has always been (and will continue to be) subjective. Fashion trends also come and go, but we’re starting to see capsule wardrobes gain in popularity - and a hoodie will always be part of that capsule. From red carpets to working from home, the hoody easily makes its mark in a plethora of environments. 

But when we think about how versatile hoodies can be, how should a hoodie fit and how to wear a hoodie? And how should we style them for different occasions? First, let’s take a look at the history of the hoodie to understand it truly.


The history of the hoodie

The hoodie grew from the humble sweatshirt. Initially created to keep athletes warm on the field, adding a hood protected them from any other elements. This meant more training sessions in inclement weather. Ideal if you’re looking to beat the competition. 

However, it was also produced to keep labourers and warehouse workers warm. With freezing temperatures in New York, workers needed something practical to stay cosy, rather than relying on multiple pieces of clothing. 

Hip-hop culture also helped the hoodie reach popularity - with many designers taking inspiration from the street style. The term ‘hoodie’ however, didn’t become popular until the 1990s. Now, it’s an everyday word and almost every household has this staple piece in their wardrobe.

Different types of hoodies

Of course, like many popular fashion trends, we’re not just limited to one basic style. A hoody can come in various different fits, with multiple features and materials. Here are some of the standard types of hoodies:

  • Zip-up hoodie - whether it’s a quarter zip, half zip, or full zip, zip-up hoodies provide you with a little more practicality than a complete pullover. They’re great for layering purposes too, as you can easily remove them, or simply unzip for a bit more breathing space. They sometimes have pockets, like a pouch, but can also come pocketless.
  • Pullover hoodie - this is probably the most common type of hoodie - and one that you’re likely to have in your wardrobe already. A pullover hoodie will often have a large pocket or pouch at the front.
  • Athletic hoodie - although following the same premise as our previous hoodie examples, the athletic hoodie will tend to fit closer to the body and arms, highlighting muscles and those sweet gains in the gym. They might also be made of a different material, such as lycra, rather than typical cotton.
  • Knitted hoodie - nothing says cosy like a knitted hoodie. Similar to a knitted or crocheted sweatshirt, a knitted hoodie will also come with a hood, pockets, and maybe even a zip. Ideal for winter and gives a more casual style.

Different types of fit

As it’s your personal style, a hoodie can fit any way you prefer. But if you’re looking for ideas, here’s how a hoodie should fit to achieve different looks.

Oversized hoodies

Oversized clothing has been having its moment over the last few years - and doesn’t look like that’s set to end anytime soon. But have you ever wondered how to style an oversized hoodie?

Oversized hoodies are no different. They’re practical, stylish, and look great with a multitude of outfits. If you’re going to go oversized, keep your bottom half less oversized, otherwise you might end up disappearing in your outfit (and your outfit should complement you and your style). 

Don’t forget, if you’re going oversized with your hoody, you need to do the same for your jacket. Trying to squeeze baggy sleeves into a tight denim jacket will feel constricted - and probably ruin the vibe you’re going for. 

With oversized hoodies, ensure the shoulder doesn’t slope too much and that the sleeves are the right length. Although oversized should be larger than your normal size, that doesn’t mean it should fit poorly. Simply buying a hoody three sizes larger might mean you end up with lots of excess material - in all of the wrong places.

Regular fit hoodies

Regular fit hoodies are simply the size you would normally wear in a sweatshirt or t-shirt. A regular-size hoodie will feel comfortable on your body, without being too tight and restrictive and without swallowing you up. You’ll be able to easily wear this fit of hoodie under your normal jackets and coats.

Regular fit hoodies also tend to work better when you’re looking to smarten things up. Team with chinos or cargo pants and a leather jacket to create a look that wouldn’t look out of place at a fashion show.

Muscle or tight-fit hoodies

Don’t leave the muscle-fit clothing just the gym. If you fancy showing your physique off more or perhaps need something that will work under a blazer, a muscle-fit hoodie can provide exactly what you need.

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